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Core Team

Who We Are

The determined and passionate group of people who are driven by a single vision which is to help as many people as possible and spread holistic development among individuals.

Abhishek Raut

Resource Development Manager

As an ambitious artist himself, Abhishek has always been a great admirer of drama, dance and all kinds of performing arts. Graduated from Mumbai University as an engineer, he enjoys exploring new ways to uplift people’s spirit every now and then, and imparting knowledge and solutions to anyone in need. In July 2021, Abhishek has successfully completed training of basic Sanjeevani Upchaar Energy Counseling and healed a 1000 people. Often witnessed, Abhishek prefers spending his time in solitude, working on his craft, creating new techniques/processes to express his method of art, rather than going to a party.

Pranjal Purkayastha.jpg

Pranjal Purkayastha

Graphir Designer 

A Graphic Designer who loves to make a positive change through his design. With goals in mind to be better than the previous day and work on improvement to build a better tomorrow. Experimenting what I know and Exploring what I know, Here's a person who lives his life in his own way with some magic, the magic of Creativity.

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