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शनि, 10 दिस॰



Amrit Sanjeevani Panch Tatva Sadhana (Online)

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Amrit Sanjeevani Panch Tatva Sadhana (Online)
Amrit Sanjeevani Panch Tatva Sadhana (Online)

समय और स्थान

10 दिस॰ 2022, 7:00 am – 11 दिस॰ 2022, 9:00 am



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Amrit Sanjeevani Five Element Sadhana 🌈✨

Ram Ram Everyone

Our life moves on and is operated by our Five Element and its energies. Our body, aura, our energies, things attracted in our lives, all of these are because of our Five Element and its energy states.

Even our Energy Chakras are operated by the energies of the Five Element.

Some rare and wonderful Temples of ancient times : 🛕🕉️

In the southern part of India, there are 5 wonderful and divine Shiv Temples, of which every temple’s SHIVLING regulates and boosts the energies of a particular element.

Details of these Temples are as follows :

Natraj Mandir - Tamil Nadu, Chidambaram (Sky Element)

Ekambarnath Mandir - Tamil Nadu, kanchipuram (Earth Element)

Arunachaleshwar Mandir - Tamil Nadu (Agni Tatva)

Kala Hasti Mandir - Andra Pradesh (Air Element)

Jambukeshwar Mandir - Tamil Nadu (Water Element)

Amrit Sanjeevani Five Elements Sadhana : Purpose ⚜️

If the energies of your 5 elements are connected to these historical and divine Shiv Lings, then the energies of your 5 elements are boosted by them for a lifetime.

This is the purpose of this Sadhana !!! To connect your 5 elements with the energies of these Shivlings to boost them for lifetime.

The person whose 5 elements are aligned and are operated perfectly, that person is transformed into the best of his spiritual being.

Whatever he wishes and desires for, flows in his life like the flow of water, his personality becomes radiant like fire, like air, the rate of his success gets boosted faster, his thoughts and vision levels up like the Sky and he becomes as stable as the Earth !!!!

Sadhana Location : Online (Zoom)

Date : 10th and 11th December,

Sadhana Rashi : 11000/-

Additional Information / Helpline : 



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