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बुध, 05 अक्तू॰


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Amrit Sanjeevani Shuddhikaran Sadhana

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Amrit Sanjeevani Shuddhikaran Sadhana
Amrit Sanjeevani Shuddhikaran Sadhana

समय और स्थान

05 अक्तू॰ 2022, 7:30 am – 9:30 am

Online Zoom Event


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Amrit Sanjeevani Shuddhikaran Sadhana 🪷✨

-By EkakiVedam Foundation 

As per sanatan dharma, Dussehra (Also known as Vijayadashmi) depicts the victory of Divine over Evil. On this day, Lord Shree Ram emerged victorious over Ravan. 

Also it is believed that Mata Durga defeated and slayed the Devil Mahishasur on this day only.

Now, Victory of the divine over evil is not only applicable externally, but internally as well i.e within us !! 

Depending on the state of our energies, we experience life. And our energies are made on the basis of our Karmas that we do. In our Aura, not only of this birth, but there are energies stored of our past births as well which can be positive energies or negative energies.

On the occasion of Dussehra, the universal energies are very much in favour of cleansing the negative elements out of your Aura and helps in your purification.

In ancient times, taking advantage of the muhurat of Dussehra, Gods, goddesses, rishi and muni used to make use of Amrit Sanjeevani Urja to purify their Aura and Chakras.

By doing so, the results gets multiplied multiple times, as its not only done on dussehra (universal energies favouring the cleansing process) But also Amrit Sanjeevani Urja’s role into it. 

The purpose of Amrit Sanjeevani Shudhikaran sadhana is to purify your aura, chakras, energy cells, physical cells, physical body, from all the types of negative energies not only of this life, but also of past lives.

Cleansing of your energies from negative planetary effects as well as vastu effects.

Purifying your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

Effectively Cleansing the emotional layer of your Aura to minimize the negative effects of Prarabdh.

Sadhana Donation : (worth 11000/-) now at 3100/- Only

Date and Time : 5th October, Morning 7:30 am

More details / Helpline :

8527105851 / 8657278053


  • Happy Dussehra

    सेल समाप्त हो गई



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