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शुक्र, 26 मई



Signs and Symbols

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Signs and Symbols
Signs and Symbols

समय और स्थान

26 मई 2023, 7:00 pm – 27 मई 2023, 7:00 pm


इवेंट के बारे में

With the vision to promote the knowledge from Vedas for holistic development, Shivpriya Ji (Founder @ EkakiVedam Foundation) will be conducting a wonderful and interesting workshop.

The universe is always in contact with us and it has its own way to convey the message or communicate with us which can be decoded by its signs and symbols !

We see various signs and symbols used in ancient poojas, sadhana, Healings, and many other spiritual processes. (Like Om, Swastik, etc) 

Ever wondered why are these signs and symbols so important and what must be its significance ?

In this creatively designed workshop, Shivpriya Ji will be casting the light of knowledge on the actual meaning of these signs and symbols.


She will be teaching everyone how to make use of these signs and symbols to extract energies from them and making use of them in our life !


  • Signs and Symbols

    सेल समाप्त हो गई



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