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gio 25 apr


Shiv Lok

Trikaaldarshi Sadhana

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Trikaaldarshi Sadhana
Trikaaldarshi Sadhana

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25 apr 2024, 06:00 – 30 apr 2024, 10:00

Shiv Lok


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Trikaldarshi Sadhana: awakening of the infinite power of the third eye

Beyond mind, body and intellect, the infallible secret of seeing the past future and present from the point of view of the aatma.

Ram Ram 

What is realised, revealed, born is bound by time, and what is bound by Time is certain to perish.

Time, means the state between origin and destruction. Hence, Kal is the name of the clock between the beginning and the end. Therefore, the God of death is called Mahakala. Looking deeper, it is known that the tense decreases in many forms. A period is what is in the clock. There is a period in our mind. The time of our mind is different from the time of the clock, so even a small moment begins to appear very long during the time of suffering and waiting. In such a time of happiness, the long time period also begins to appear small. The time of each person's mind is different. In such a way, from the point of view of the universe, its period is defined differently. The period of Brahma is different.

In the same way, the period of all beings is completely different from that of humans.

If you look at the sun from the drishti, then there is no such period, because there is neither day nor night.

Therefore, the body and intellect are bound in time.

But beyond the body, mind and intellect, there is the aatma, which cannot be bound in the bonds of Kaal.

If we also want to experience this timeless feeling, then we have to connectto our aatma.

When we see the three dimensions of time, i.e Past, Present and Future,  we become Trikaldarshi. In the state of Trikaldarshi, we do not get stuck or stuck in any time period!


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