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Art, one word which has a special place in almost every living being’s heart. It is when a person dances with joy, it is when someone picks up their brushes, crayon, and even pencils, sands, colors, etc. to make something out of their imaginations, whether it is a drawing by a small kid depicting feelings, or whether it is by a painter. Art is also when someone sings their heart out, not to show up but to feel happy, content, relaxed and soulful, and when someone writes their heart out. Art is everywhere, whether culinary for someone, or some game, or creation.

But one thing that we are sure about is that it gives satisfaction, happiness, relaxation, as well as positivity inside the creators. And if others appreciate their art, then the joy that comes on their face cannot be defined.

It is like a confirmation to them that their work is not only good, but they can continue doing the precious thing for them. It is the art and creativity of an individual, for which the individual consciously takes out time no matter how busy the person is in their life. Sometimes, it also becomes a key to our healthy mental as well as physical life as well as sometimes our profession.

Such a way to keep yourself mentally fit is ‘ART THERAPY’. Yes, the name sounds like something big, but it is easy and subjective.

For Example

If you want to be physically fit and stress-free, you also want to take at least an hour break from your daily life hustle for yourself, and you love dancing. Then, you can turn your favorite music on and dance it out. At that point in time, there will be a part where you will forget about all your worries and stressful situations. You will immerse yourself in the dance that you are performing. If you do that daily, then you will also be somewhat physically fit as well as mentally healthy. Well, we can say that it is a form of ‘ART THERAPY’.

  • As individuals, you would often find solace in listening to peaceful music after a happening day, and that’s a case for a lot of people out there…wondered why? The answer is simple: when you keep yourself engrossed in doing something which calms our nerves, it has a therapeutic effect on us and that’s exactly why we feel relaxed.

  • Thus, in simple words, ‘ART THERAPY’ is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s emotional, physical, and mental well-being. It is the process in which we get involved in creatively expressing our own self in an artistic manner. This process can help individuals manage as well as develop their feelings and behavior, improving self-esteem, stress reduction, and awareness.

The old saying, “A picture paints a thousand words,” shows that with art, we can create as well as maintain our inner power of expression and sometimes hope. Art therapy can have different positive effects on different individuals. Therapists can use it for counselling, it also can be used for healing, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, as well as other treatments. Advantages of art therapy are:

• It can work as a massage and push for one’s inner self in the sense that it helps an individual realizing their inner wants and needs as well as self-discovery as well as awareness of things and others around them by creating their art.

• This also helps in increasing cognition, self-development, enhancing coping skills, etc.

Thus art therapists are trained professionals in not only a particular art form but also the psychological therapies that they need to involve with the art for different situations and cases.

In art therapy, one can also use indirect communications which do not require words and verbal language.

For example – Using actions and expressions to communicate and express your thoughts. Thus, it can be performed also by those who cannot use words to express themselves, their thoughts as well as their needs.

Music, art, and dance are some of the expressions and variety for this therapy.

  • Music therapy is a kind of art therapy in which listening to music, singing, and playing instruments. It can be anything related to music.

  • Dance therapy utilizes dance and movement. Dance therapy is so effective that the happy hormone Endorphins in the body starts releasing when we shake our body!

  • Thus, Art therapy can also be mixing drawing, dancing, music, painting, colouring, sculpting, cooking, playing, creative writing, or any other form that an individual prefers as art for them and what they love to perform. These are all things people love to do as hobbies, so why not use them to better yourself and show yourself some love?

An individual can perform some of the following mentioned activities in an art therapy session,

● Painting

● Drawing

● Finger Painting

● Working with Clay

● Carving

● Sculpting

● Doodling and Scribbling

● Making Collages

● Writing

In art therapy, an art therapist guides these activities for a better understanding of the performer so that the performer, with the help of the art therapist, can discover and explore their art, themselves and the surrounding others more clearly. Art therapy can also help in general illness while helping an individual with emotional problems. It can also help someone in battling diseases like cancer as it takes a lot of emotional as well as a physical toll to fighting this kind of disease, thus art therapy can help in this by relieving a lot of anxiety, stress, and sadness.

We hope that you all take out some time every day directly or indirectly and do whatever you want to express yourself and discover a part of you little by little every-day. Keep smiling and be happy!

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