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Kanya Pujan: Why Do We Feed Girls on Ashtami and Navami Navratri?

Beginning on Sunday, October 15, the country has been celebrating the nine-day Shardiya Navratri holiday with great passion and enthusiasm. Navratri culminates on October 23 with Durga Maha Ashtami and M

aha Navami celebrations and is widely regarded as the most joyous and cherished event in the country. To mark the end of the nine-day celebration of Navratri, followers execute a rite called "Kanya Puja" or "Kanjak Poojan" on the final two days. There will be three major festivals this year: Maha Ashtami on October 22, Maha Navami on Monday, October 23, and Vijayadashami on Tuesday, October 24.

What is the significance and Purpose of Kanya Bhoj/Kanya Pujan in Navratri?

Millions of devotees across the country are immersed in the celebrations of Navratri — a nine-day Hindu festival that commenced on Sunday, October 15. On October 22, devotees are celebrating Ashtami of Sharad Navratri 2023. On this day, devotees offer special Bhog to Maa Mahagauri, which includes varied delicacies based on which part of the country you live. On this day, devotees conduct "Kanya Bhoj" or "Kanjak Poojan" at their homes to worship Maa Durga. Devotees’ welcome little girls (the girls are considered as the replicas of Maa Durga) at the homes and offer them Prasad of Halwa-Puri, Sweets and varied gifts.

On the festivals of Durga Ashtami and Maha Navami, young women are honored as an incarnation of Nava Durga. Children are the purest manifestation of humanity, and it is declared in our holy texts that praying to a human being will yield speedier results than praying to God himself. Therefore, Kanjak Poojan is celebrated to honor the pristine spirit and the strength of the female principle. Twice a year, on the eighth (Ashtami) and ninth (Navami) day of Navratri, people celebrate Kanya Bhoj. Devotees invite nine young girls to their houses and feed them in honor of the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. These incarnations include Sailaputri, Brahmacharini, Andraghanta, Kusamanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalarati, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri.

How to do Kanya Bhoj at home? The first step is to invite young girls to your home. It's traditional to invite an odd number of girls, call five, nine, 11 or 21 girls for the banquet as per your convenience.

  1. Upon arrival, welcome the girls with warmth and respect. Wash their feet and offer them seats.

  2. After washing their feet, apply Kumkum on their forehead and bow to them.

  3. Perform an aarti to invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga. You can also offer flowers and incense. Serve a delectable meal to the Kanjak. It traditionally includes Puri, Chana, Halwa, and fruits.

  4. You should offer the girls some gifts or money as per your preference.

Special offerings to make during Kanya Pooja for Assured Benefits

The history of Navratri is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and ancient traditions. Navratri is a celebration of the divine feminine energy and the triumph of good over evil. Its origins can be traced to various Hindu legends and scriptures.

Sharad Navratri is not merely a festival; it is a spiritual journey that connects people with their inner selves. It teaches us to embrace the virtues of strength, courage, and devotion symbolized by Goddess Durga, making it a cherished and revered occasion in the Hindu calendar. Here are some of my tips to ensure Mata Parvati visits and resides in your homes this Navratri.

  1. Success in Competitive Exams: If you are appearing for competitive exams and want success in those, then you should offer Stationary items as Gifts to the Kanya.

  2. Attraction of Money: If you want to attract more money in your life, you should gift the Kanya with an attire of RED color. This will surely enhance your abilities to attract money.

  3. Relief from Debts and Attraction of Money: In case you are having Money debts and are struggling to find avenue to address these debts and attract money, then along with offering a RED attire to the Kanya you should offer sweet Kheer to her. This is a sure shot way to help you address any struggles you have pertaining to Money.

  4. Landing Job or Business Opportunities. In case you are struggling with landing a new job or starting a new best venture. You should offer the Kanya a gift which include a RED attire and an envelope with money. You should also feed them with a delectable meal which should mandatorily include at least 2 sweets and Puri’s.

  5. Relief Illness and Disease: If your home mates and family member are susceptible to continued illness then you should offer the Kanya “Halwa” made of flour and “Namkeen Chana”. This will help in wading away illness from the household.

  6. Marriage: If you are having difficulty in finding a suitable match for matrimony, then you should offer the Kanya “Shringar”, which she can use. E.g – Pls do not give sindoor as that is something she cannot use at this age.

I hope you all will benefits from these rituals.

From our Ekakivedam family here’s wishing you the energy of Maa Parva

ti, the prosperity of Maa Lakshmi, and the wisdom of Ma Saraswati. May the nine avatars of Maa Parvati bless you with nine qualities – power, happiness, humanity,

peace, knowledge, devotion, name, fame, and health Wishing you a warm and blessed Navratri. Have a blessed Navratri!

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