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Pitra Paksha: History, Significance and Easy Remedies.

What is Pitrapaksha?

Sat (Truth) and Aadhar (Basis) are the Sanskrit roots from which Pitrapaksha is derived. This time of devotion to the Pitras, lasting 16 days, is also known as Shraddha.

Pitra Paksha (sometimes spelled Shraddh Paksha) is a sacred offering in Hinduism. Beginning on Bhadrapada Purnima Tithi, these 16 days are set aside to honor deceased loved ones. Pitra Paksha, also known as Shraddh Paksha, is a pivotal period in the Hindu calendar. It's a time to remember and honor the people who came before us in

the family tree and give thanks for their contributions to our current well-being. As part of the observance, people offer prayers for the well-being of their departed family members and provide food and clothing to Brahmins in their ancestors' names. People also offer food to the underprivileged and animals as cows, dogs, and crows.

History and Significance.

There is a belief that after death, three generations of ancestors remain in a place called Pitraloka. Each year during the sixteen days of Pitra paksha, Yamraja or Yama - the deity of death - grants them permission to visit their families and accept offerings of food, drink, and presents.

According to Indian mythology, after Karna's death during the Mahabharata war, his spirit went to paradise where it was denied normal nourishment. Instead, he was fed precious metals and gems. His spirit became agitated, and he complained to Indra (Lord of Heaven) about the lack of tangible nourishment.

Lord Indra finally explained why he contributed so much to others throughout his life but left nothing to his own family. Then Karna said he didn't know who his forefathers were, and after hearing him out, Lord Indra let him go back to Earth for 16 days to feed them. Pitra Paksha is the name given to this stretch of 16 days. It is also believed that only Pitra have the power to petition to God for a family member's fate to be altered.

According to traditional beliefs, the family’s unhappy souls usually return to earth to visit their loved ones until they attain Moksha. Therefore, to ensure that the deceased member’s soul has attained Moksha, rituals are performed by the family members in which they satisfy the soul’s hunger and thirst. It is an act appeasing the soul that no longer exists in its physical form. All these prayers and rituals are done to free the soul and help them be released from the life, death, and birth cycle.

Dos and Don’ts.

  • Is it considered inauspicious to buy any new goods or start any new ventures in this time.

  • We should not hurt our elders in this period.

  • We should pray to out Guru and make offerings in their names.

  • Unmarried females whose parents are alive have the least impact of this period and can buy things if they want to

Quick and Easy Remedies:

Here are some quick remedies which can help you bring multifold benefits during this period.

  • The best remedy is “Jal dan” for 15 days. You can give away water bottles daily or place a cooler any temple where people can drink water.

  • If you are based on the bank of Ganges., you should to ‘Ganga Snan’ in these 15 days.

  • To cleanse your homes: Take 2 cardamom and 2 Cloves and some Camphor and burn it. (Pls note – This remedy must be done only during the Pitra Paksha time)

  • Offer water on the Shivling

  • Offer same amount of cardamom daily on the Shivling for Attraction of money.

  • Offer a fistful of Fennel on the Shivling for mental peace.

  • If someone’s mindset is very negative offer one fistful of cloves on the Shivling

  • For Soubhagya offer same amount of Cinnamon daily on the Shivling

  • Offer food at mandir or any poor people. Pls note that food which you plan to donate should be freshly made and first we should take the portion out for donation and then have the rest.

  • Make offerings in the name of your Guru.

  • Make offerings of clothes and medicine

  • Offer a cow if feasible.

  • You can make Ladoo's of Black Sessame and Jaggery and offer those.

  • Offer Prayers and do Pooja of Shiv ji and Hanuman Ji

  • It may happen that in this duration the environment of your home may not be healthy. To cater to that Ekakivedam can offer “SWASTIK UPAY” remedy for selected few families. For further details you can contact us on the coordinates mentioned on our website.

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