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About Us

One Knowledge, One Universe

Welcome to EkakiVedam Foundation!

EkakiVedam Foundation was founded in the year 2020. With the increasing health issues, psychological issues, and need for personal development, the founder came up with a vision of providing a safe space to those who need it. To provide physical aids, assist in psychological healing, and increase self-awareness for holistic development, the goal behind the EkakiVedam is the overall health and development of individuals.

Our Mission

Using Ancient Universal Knowledge, and helping individuals to become more self-aware and reach their highest potential is what EkakiVedam’s mission is. An individual with increased self-awareness will find potential solutions to life challenges with ease and will have a fulfilled life. Hope, kindness, and other virtues are missing from the lives of people nowadays and  EkakiVedam is working to have them back in their lives for a fulfilled life.


Our Vision

Nature has provided everything an individual can imagine. So, returning to nature is our duty. Human beings are like children to nature, so helping and providing love, care and warmth to others is our duty as human beings. With this vision in mind, EkakiVedam is working constantly and dedicatedly to help underprivileged people and also help people to reach their best versions.

Our Roots

Dr. Komal Parihar, an energy healer. and social worker founded the EkakiVedam to help underprivileged people and also help people to reach the highest potentials in their life with the help of Ancient Universal Knowledge. Helping people and guiding them towards a better path is what EkakiVedam is aiming at and we are working to achieve this with Ayurveda and Vedic Knowledge, which are deeply embedded in our roots.

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