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Outdoor Meditation

Our Roots

Our Founder

Our founder Shivpriya Ji (Dr. Komal), started this organization in order to spread the magic of happiness to as many people as possible. With an extraordinary life, she has mastered many disciplines throughout her lifetime. It is her goal to help people live a holistically extraordinary life with the aid of Vedic sciences.

Our Roots: Services

The knowledge of Vedas and the divinity of Ayurveda is something that can mold the lives of people into an effective and vital shape. With this thought, Dr. Komal Parihar- an ambitious and self- driven person, founded the EkakiVedam foundation, to help people achieve their highest potential.

Ayurveda that can be traced back to thousands of years is the ultimate cure for several problems faced by the individual. A touch of Vedic sciences in Ayurveda is what EkakiVedam foundation masters at and aim to spread its usefulness among people.

A holistically healthy life, with a touch of Vedic Knowledge, can help to keep the distress and negativity at bay and can enhance positivity and productivity in life.

Not all people are privileged enough to have a meal two times a day and have a warm bed to sleep in at night. Education, medical services, and safety come far at the line. EkakiVedam is determined and focused on providing these underprivileged people, the peace in life and the hope of a better world.  

The divine knowledge of our Vedas lays emphasis on the importance of peace of mind and finding solace in the face of adversity.

With a strong belief in this fact, EkakiVedam has its roots deeply embedded in the Universal Vedic Knowledge and is working tirelessly to serve people to achieve peace and heights in life.

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