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Vedic Art Therapy 

Expressing the inner self and reflecting on our true self using artistic skills is the most productive therapy method. Fusing the advantages of art therapy with Universal Vedic Knowledge to help people achieve holistically developed and fulfilled life, is the magical recipe of EkakiVedam to cure mental distress and promote well- being of individuals.

The Vedic Art Therapy is the perfect blend of brilliant arts technique and Ancient Universal Knowledge of Vedas, which combines to reduce the several different aspects of mental illnesses and provide emotional and psychological stability. Vedic Art Therapy is the complete package of different services useful for overall holistic treatment. EkakiVedam provides consultations to individuals who require support. Our consultation sessions involve one- on- one sessions for better understanding and efficient results.

Man Walking in Fields

We also provide sessions and workshops regarding Vedic Art Therapy, its usefulness, and applicability in practical life. Our sessions and workshops are thorough and informative with effective learning and behavioral models. To spread Universal Knowledge, we also provide Vedic Art Therapy courses among as many individuals as possible.

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